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Removal Checklist

Moving house can be considered one of your most stressfull life events, one of the reasons being the packing stage. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! There are steps that you can take to make moving day that little bit smoother and less frantic.

Take a look at our hints and tips across the page to help you on your way to a stress-free move.


  • Small/medium/large boxes

  • Heavy duty boxes

  • Packing tape

  • Bubble wrap

  • Old newspapers

  • Stretch wrap for furniture

  • Marker

  • Labels


Pack Early: Take into consideration the size of your property when thinking of starting to pack. For example, for a large house, two months should be enough if you pack one box per day. For smaller properties, one month should do the trick.

Start with rooms you least need: It makes sense to pack the items that you need the least and do not use on a daily basis. For example, seasonal items that you currently do not need such as festive decorations, gardening tools or winter/summer clothing.

Pack one room at a time: This is important when it comes to packing and is something that people don’t often abide to. By packing one room at a time it will help you stay organised and will make unpacking a lot easier.

Do not exceed the limit of 30 pounds per box: If you pack the box too heavy then it may not be able to withstand the weight. Pack light items in large boxes and heavy items in small boxes. This will save you a great deal of back pain!

Fill empty gaps: Using packing papers, old newspapers or even tea towels to fill any gaps in boxes. This will make your items more secure when being moved.

Label your boxes: Write the contents of each box on the sides of the boxes; Try avoiding writing anything on the tops of the boxes as this will be difficult to see if the boxes are stacked. Try to use a different colour marker for each room.

Put heavier boxes on the bottom: This may seem like common sense but it is important not to forget in the chaos of it all. By putting the heavier boxes underneath the lighter boxes, you are ensuring that no breakable items will be crushed during the move.


  • Snacks, canned or boxed food

  • Can opener

  • Eating utensils

  • Pans and pots

  • Towels and dishcloths

  • Toiletries

  • Baby supplies

  • Pet food (if you have a pet)

  • Instruction manuals for any electric appliances

  • First aid kit and any medication that you need

  • Tool Box

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