What is it?

Legionella is a bacteria found in water. It is found naturally in low levels in all water systems but it multiplies in stagnant water between 25°C – 45°C

Legionella can cause Legionnaires’ Disease, a fatal form of Pneumonia contracted by inhaling fine water droplets containing high levels of the bacteria

Bacteria will multiply daily in water if taps, showers and other outlets are not used. Dangerously high levels of the bacteria could be reached in as little as 10 days.

What can I do to control it?

Simple measures could include flushing rarely used taps and cleaning shower heads regularly, but also include correct design and maintenance of water systems

A risk assessment will highlight any issues present, and highlight appropriate control measures for controlling the growth of Legionella bacteria.

Is this law?

Yes. Landlords have duties under health & safety law to assess the risk of Legionella and control growth of the bacteria in the hot and cold water systems in their properties

A risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person, who is aware of the risks to health caused by Legionella and the control measures necessary.

Why use an Elmhurst risk assessor?

Elmhurst Energy operate a competent persons scheme where members are required to have recent training in Legionella control and can advise on how to meet your legal obligations. Please contact our legionaires risk assesor Gavin Kirkham for further details.